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Advantage For Doing Government Jobs:

Every Month Salary on Time.
Pensionable Till Death.
A Lot of Free Time
Survive Without Any Skill
Housing Facility
Free Health Care
Get all Types of Allowances
Get Maximum Vacations to Spend
Sense of Social Security
Make Extra Money

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The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side!

  1. If No Skills Are Needed…. Why Is It Harder To Get A Govt Job?
  2. Maximum Holidays…. Govt Never Sends U On Paid Trips To Singapore Or Malaysia Etc
  3. House…. U Need To Wait 10 Years At Least To Get Govt Quarters In Good Cities And They Are Like A Century Old… U Don’t Even Have Enough Plug Points To Plug In Ur Equipment !!
  4. No Stress…. U Cannot Get Promoted No Matter How Hard U Work, U Have To Wait 5-10 Years On An Avg
  5. Health,… These Days Nobody Pays Thousands Of Dollars To Hospitals … Everybody Gets Cashless Medical Policies… In Govt Too Your Premium Is Just Deducted From The Salary… You Cannot Choose Ur Hospital, It’s Not Cashless, You Have To Pay Upfront And It Is No Easy Task Getting Your Claim.
  6. So, My Dear, It’s A Mixed Bag…. Both Are Good Depending On Your Point Of View

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